Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Daughter Mary commented on the kids blog about a resemblance between Mike and Zoe.
I agree especially after comparing photos of a young Mike to Zoe.
(Pictures pilferred from the twins blog.)

Little House Not On The Prairie

Found a Lil Tykes Playhouse on Craigslist for the kids birthday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Latest Read

Enjoyed this book which was recommended by my sister in Texas. Had to call her and ask if the pioneer rancher in the book, August Schmidt, was the same homesteader of their property. Yup. It made the book more interesting because we have stayed with them and can picture the area.

The novel is about the great drought of the '50's and presents an empathetic picture of the trials of ranchers and men who work the land.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time For Vikings to Pillage When the Saints Go Marching In

Headline in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning says, "Imagine". Beneath that is a photoshopped picture of our #4, Brett Favre holding the superbowl trophy.

Many NFL fans felt good seeing Drew Brees and the NO Saints win the big game last February. New Orleans needs encouragement and that quarterback brought game.

It is time to have mercy on this franchise. The Vikings have never won the big game. Those who lived through the glory years in the 70's are a little gun shy, at least I am. We have four Superbowl games and four losses. But, hope springs eternal.
This might be the year. It is #4's last season. (At least that is what his contract says.) Fans are hanging a lot on one guy. We could win it all if those bruisers from the Saints don't mangle poor Brett at the season opener tonight.
If that happens, we will have to live with today's front page and print that photoshopped picture to hang on the wall.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Last Word on Feet

Now some cute feet. Zoe, prepped to be a flower girl and Roman in his big boy shoes.

Watch Your Step

Today's title seems a natural to follow yesterday's "Walk This Way". The similarity ends there.

I am issuing a caution to all who are associated with me to "watch their step".
This might sound superstitious, but in case there is any truth to Six Degrees of Separation, step lightly. Too many coincidences lately to people I love.

My husband, Jon, fell a month ago breaking his kneecap and injuring is foot.

My friend, Karen, fell Friday and broke a bone in her foot. While she was hospitalized, her grandson was treated at the same hospital's ER for an injured foot....then his mom slipped and tore a tendon in her ankle.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Jon's 95 yr. old aunt who fell and thankfully didn't break anything.

This summer we are cheered on Jon's cousin as she recovers from foot surgery.

The summer started with our thirteen-year-old granddaughter falling from her bike and breaking a wrist and elbow. She didn't hurt her feet.

My sister just had wrist surgery and another friend also named Karen is recovering from hand surgery.

Today when Jon visited his podiatrist regarding his slowly healing foot, the Doctors nurse who has helped us this past month was hobbling out on crutches. She had fallen and broken a bone in her foot.

Careful out there. Even the caregivers are going to ground.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Walk This Way

More about those twins who are almost two. Mary and the kids spent time with us yesterday while Mike did some painting. We took them for a walk. They held our hands and kept up. (Maybe we kept up with them.) I was thinking the half mile walk would end with us carrying a kid or two, but they were troopers. At every intersection Zoe says "stop" while we looked for cars. Cute. The main distractions were a squirrel a rock or two they had to have.

This brought back memories of walking with our kids when they were little. Daughter Mary was a trooper. We took her on hikes on steep trails by Lake Superior campgrounds and around Lake Nokomis. She kept up. Zoe and Roman are like mommy.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a Small, Small World

Zoe and Roman make friends with bride Laura's cousin Hannah.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Spotting "deplain"

Roman marched down the aisle carrying his ring pillow and a cup of crackers. Zoe would have none of it. Her job was to look cute and she did. While the bride and groom were speaking their vows an airplane was spotted by the twins who announced "Plane". Memorable and priceless. we don't have a photo of them when they saw the plane during the ceremony but they saw another one later on.

Andy & Laura

One week ago already.