Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Youngest Contestants Survive Dancing With the Stars Cuts Due to Prejudice

(Wondered if that title would catch a few readers.)

Youngest dancers I speak of are our twin grandkids who love the show. A few bars of da-da-da-da, DA,Da,Da...get their attention. Daughter Mary reports Zoe says "Tutu, mama" and isn't happy until she is wearing her pink tutu. Mary had to get it out of the laundry Monday night. Who knew you needed more than one tutu for a toddler girl? You need two tutus at two: a spare if one is in the wash!
I submitted a little story about Zoe titled "The Girl in the Draggin' Tutu" a month ago. She is still draggin' it around and wearing the versatile garment over jeans or pajamas.

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