Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birther Blues -or- I Am What I Am and Who I Say I Am, I Think

Never thought I would feel sorry for The Donald, but he had to sit and take it at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in DC this weekend. President Obama stuck him with a few sharp barbs about the birther issue. The Donald didn't seem amused. Not sure I would get in a sparring match with Mr. Trump, but he did start the fight.

I was amused to read Joe Soucheray's column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning.
His title reads: "I, too, have a birth certificate mystery--if I am even me."
The story that follows is that he did not find out until decades after he was born that his birth certificate spells his name Soucherey and he spells it Soucheray. For those who don't know Joe Soucheray, he is a local newspaper colmnist and has a radio talk show that is humorous and conservative.
When he found out about the discrepency in spelling of his name, his wife (joked) that she probably had grounds for annulment. Then she said, "If The Donald gets ahold of this, you'll be ruined, finished." That left me laughing. I don't think The Donald did himself any favor backing that horse. My opinion. Your's may differ.

I have found over the years when I laugh at someone elses problems or dilemas, I usually find I have trod on the same path. My mom told me that when I was baptised, the priest insisted on baptising me "James" instead of Jane. He did not think there was a St. Jane and he strictly enforced having a saints name for the child. Hopefully, I won't have a hard time getting past St. Peter at the pearly gates. I don't know if my patron saint is St. James the lesser or St. James the greater.

In the meantime, I will echo Popeye's line: " I am what I am."


Mary said...

I'm going to search out THAT video. Man, oh man. If you remember, Dad's birth certificate spelled his name "John". Are you REALLY my parents, or just imposters? James and John or Jon and Jane? My whole life is a sham. I hope I don't get fired from my job for misrepresenting myself.

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about the spelling of John vs. Jon. I am also pondering how St. James feels being referred to as "the less" or "the lesser". I wonder how he feels about that portrait with him dressed in pink. Lots to ponder. Hope the church doesn't refer to me as "Jane the greater". Been battling my weight most of my life and would like to go down in eternity as "Jane the lesser".