Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camping Out

Libya's leader, Muammar Gaddafi is in New York for the opening of the UN session. He has never been a popular figure in the US and his recent behavior giving a hero's welcome to the Lockerbie bomber has made him persona non grata in America. I don't care if you spell his name Gaddafi, Khadafi, or Qaddafi, he is not welcome. Stay home. We have not forgotten how you harbored the bomber terrorists and then welcomed home the one the Scots foolishly gave an early release.

It seems Gaddafi provides his own accomodations when he travels. He sends an advance crew with his tent. A tent...Bedoin style housing. He shuns modern hotels because he hates elevators. Maybe Motel 6 isn't to his liking. He could rent a couple of rooms in a Motel 6 and only have to climb one flight of stairs at the most. The room would come with tiny soap, little shampoos and conditioners and AC & color TV. It probably has free phone service and a complimentary cup of coffee in the lobby. Maybe a tent is an upgrade from a Motel 6.

The Libyans with the tent have tried unsuccessfully to pitch Muammar's tent in Central Park in NYC, in New Jersey and in "The Donald's" backyard. Maybe "The Donald" wanted to do business with Gaddafi. Can't you see them sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and talking real estate development? Oh, well. Maybe Trump could convince him to live indoors or sell him a unit in Trump Towers.

Gaddafi is one freaky, scary looking individual. I don't think he would be welcome in our national park campgrounds or state parks. Maybe he should stay incognito and buy an RV. He might be able to sneak into a Walmart parking lot. Better not hang his bedoin robes out to dry. Walmart sells guns and ammo and a lot of Americans wouldn't be happy find out he was camping out there either. Go home. We have not forgotten Pan Am and the Lockerbie bombings.

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