Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sunday Paper

"How come so many people die on the weekends?" was the question from my husband's lips this morning. The section seems even larger than former times now that they publish before and after pictures on many. This morning there was a photo of one deceased in her wedding veil wearing cat's eye glasses. The "older" picture showed a septagenarian in oversized glasses. That is why I usually take my glasses off when the cameras come out. Styles change and what may look stylish now is sure to appear strange in a decade or two.
Relaxing and reading the Sunday newspaper was one of the things our youngest said he missed when he lived in a college dorm. That has been something I enjoy as well ,coupled with a cup of coffee. Times are changing. It used to be a two or three cup paper. Now, after separating the ads which make up over half the volumn, I can finish in a cup's worth of time. The classified section has almost disappeared. People shop for homes on line and use Craig's list or eBay to buy used goods. Our travel section is two pages. Many columnists have vanished with financial hard times for paper publishers.

Advertising revenue sustains newspapers and weekend papers have become junk mail delivered to our doorstep instead of our mailboxes. I can continue to count on hearing Jon say, "There is a sale at Herbergers" for a while. I don't get too excited. There is a sale there every week and the circular always contains coupons for discounts. I don't know anyone who shops at Herbergers , a department store, without coupons nor do I, so I will need to continue to subscribe to the Sunday paper for the ads even if there isn't much news.

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