Friday, April 27, 2012

New Financing Plan for the Vikings Stadium

The Minnesota Legislature continues to struggle with a bill for a new stadium.  There is strong public sentiment to not send the bill to taxpayers.  Make that don't send the bill to us... okay if you send it to some other city or region.
 Every proposal for funding has a downside.
 Electronic pulltabs or a Racino??  Too much gambling. 
 Divert funds from a previous excise tax about to expire?  People in that overtaxed metro area object.  More tax on a $7.00 beer sold at the stadium?  More tax on $90 jerseys?  The people who don't want to see their real estate taxes rise like that better. 
This week there was a proposal to put an excise tax on football players salaries and increase the user tax on fans.  Just have them hand over their paychecks at the entrance and comp them a couple beers.
Wonder if anyone has considered just taxing the team (players, coaches and owners) more when they
lose.  Might be an incentive to get that team going again. 
It took almost 50 yrs. to get a bridge deal for Stillwater.  Don't lose hope if you want a stadium. 

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