Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Review -or- Reality Bites Stillwater Minnesota Resident

photo: left, cow stomach , piggy on right)
Not "The" Hunger Games. I didn't read the series of books or see the popular movie. I am having enough problems dealing with the present and will forgo the futuristic novels. Friends
have shared the plotline. It sounds depressing and the ethics of hunting innocent kids seems questionable. Okay, I haven't read the books and can't judge. Just saying. I understand the books are a compelling read, but the concept sounds depressing. Videos and stories of child soldiers forced to fight in Uganda under Kona make it seem too plausible.

I am in my own version of hunger games. Dieting. Trying to play mind games with myself
to hit the target. Spring actually arrived on the first day of spring this year and I don't have
that extra 4 to 6 weeks before the heavy sweaters and bulky clothes are put away.

My husband Jon was repulsed this morning when I announced I might eat the leftover Swiss steak with veggies for breakfast. Four years ago when I lost 85 pounds, I did this occasionally.
High protein and any change seemed to help stop the snacking later in the day. I was the only one playing the game with my own mind but it helped.

I didn't follow through with the plan to eat Swiss steak and now it is 10:55 am and I am hungry. Time for the second trick. Think of something unappealing to eat. It just happened that my sister sent me an email and photos of my nephew Peter's meal in China. He was served cow and pig's stomach and said he ate it all. He also had pig's windpipe. (Sorry, Peter, I used your photos without permission.)
I don't happen to have any cow stomachs or pig lungs in the refrigerator. I might have to think about the ground beef that is there and speculate if it contains "pink slime". Now that can make one stay on a diet. The government is giving consumers the choice of ground beef with or without the pink slime. Some choice. We shouldn't be so hasty judging other cultures cuisine.

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