Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

We keep an erratic sleep schedule at our house. My husband and I are often awake during the
night and up a couple of hours reading or on our computers. Since we are retired, it is only mildly
bothersome. It does make it difficult to set our automatic settings on our furnace to save heat while we sleep.
When I was gainfully employed it was stressful not to get a good night's sleep. Now, if I am tired during the day, I take a chair nap.
Chair nap. Time spent with my blanket and a book or watching TV. Occasionally this happens
at 2:00pm and I watch Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz is the new Oprah. He has answers for many of life's problems. Because he has a daily one hour show, he has already shared his medical advice on
every condition and yesterday had a segment on dressing in clothes that flatter the less-than-perfect figures.
I think Dr. Oz is nice, but he is a cardiac or thoracic surgeon and I'm not sure fashion advice couldn't be left to other Oprah wannabees.
Before I dozed off yesterday, I caught the Drs. advice on diet and nutritional supplements for
different body types. All ears, here. Maybe there is hope to lose that middrif bulge. Raspberry ketones were the recommended fix. Hope springs eternal. I decided to try raspberry ketones.
My mistake was not rushing out to buy a bottle stat. Today I hit up four stores. The shelves were empty. The clerk at General Nutrition offered to put my name on a list when the next shipment comes in. I asked, "Is it because of Dr. Oz?" She shook her head yes.
I ordered the product online. The shipping costs almost as much as the supplement but I will
get them next week. I do wonder how they can produce a bottle of pills extracted from 90
pounds of raspberries and charge $8.00 when the supermarket wants $2.50 for a half pint.
It must be wizardry or I am getting the razzberries.
Wonder if I will be ready to wear a bikini this summer after I finish the bottle. That will happen
about as soon as I win the Mega Millions lottery which is impossible because I never buy a ticket.

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