Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Life is in Jeopardy

Don't be overly concerned for me. I am in good health. However, I am moderately
obsessed with Jeopardy. I have watched Jeopardy for years and love to see how
many answers I can question along with the contestants. As my daughter, Mary, noted
I say my responses out loud. Sorry, it probably isn't fun to watch Jeopardy with me.
My husband does but he knows me well. He knows how competitive I am.
Once a year Jeopardy does online testing to find new contestants. I don't do it. I know I am
only an average player and have huge gaps in the file in my Cranium. I know nothing about opera and don't do well in math. I wouldn't have a Clue if I were standing on that TV set with the lights and cameras attempting to win money.
My personal challenge is to answer the Final Jeopardy question. No matter the Trouble, I make
a dash to get to a television for the final minutes of the show. Shades of Rain Man. Oh, oh.
It is no Trivial Pursuit for me. I would Risk all and Scrabble my plans to attempt solving the last answer. I probably don't have a Monopoly on this obsession.
My grandpa was known for playing Bridge. He loved to play. If he had been losing, he wouldn't quit until he won a game and then left on a high note. Honor game. That is what I do with Jeopardy. Not to boast, but I usually get the Final Jeopardy answer right. I try not to whoop and holler unless I have it correct and the contestants don't. That is when I get "the look" from Jon.
It's hard to be humble. I should get a Life.

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