Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let Him Who Has Ears Listen....

For the last year we have listened to public service messages warning us of the coming change from analog to digital TV broadcast. If you don't have cable or satellite TV and depend on rabbit ears or a roof antennae, you need to get ready. Help your elderly family, friends and neighbors prepare.
My husband says I would have to be included in that list. He didn't say I needed help because I am elderly, although I probably fit in that catagory. I am among the technologically challenged. I would have heard the message and purchased the converter box but them scratched my head trying to install it. I might figure it out if I took the time to read the instructions, but I would have grumbled the whole time.
Congress recently gave an extention on the date for conversion to all digital broadcast, pushing it off until June. Good. There must be a loophole for broadcasters because some have already pulled the plug on analog signals. This afternoon I listened a gentleman who staffs a tech support service for the conversion. In some areas many TV stations have already switched. The help line was overloaded. Lots of people had the boxes but found their antennas did not have the UHF capabilities or people had not rescanned and reprogrammed their remotes. Who knew?
There are always people who love progress and look forward to change. Then there are others who resisted rural electrification, flouridization of drinking water and satellites flying overhead. I am not sure if they were more afraid of big brother watching or collisions in orbit. It didn't seem like much of a threat fifty years ago. Yesterdays paper had a letter from a lady claiming they never would switch to digital broadcast. To support her point of view she sited how we never switched to metric measurements despite the 1975 Metric Conversion Act. Are you buying gasoline by the litre?

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