Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let My People Go..... The Plague of Frogs Continues

The past few years we have seen a resurgence of tiny frogs and tree toads in our yard. It was amusing initially. The inch long amphibians could be viewed clinging to the siding or stuck on windows. They hopped away from approaching lawnmowers. They clung to potted plants on the deck.
I was fine with the little fellows until they started hitchhiking indoors. A summer or two ago I found one in the kitchen sink. He was promptly relocated outside. Later I saw one on the living room floor and caught him up with a stern warning not to come back.
Three weeks ago as I stumbled into the bathroom in the early am I noticed a leaf on the floor and bent to pick it up. Before I could grab it, it hopped away. Not funny. I caught him too.
They giving me the creeps.
They habituate our deck, clinging to the umbrella over the table and deck furniture.
My husband, now wheelchairing (broken kneecap is healing) in and out to smoke on the deck. undergoes a security check not unlike the US / Mexican border crossing by me. I am certain they will hop on in with him or hitch a ride on the back of his wheelchair.
Yesterday I picked a pail of ripe tomatoes and took them to the sink to wash. Out hopped another frog.
Today when I stooped to pick up the newspaper by the front door a frog was perched on it. I am getting paranoid. Jon says we need to "defrog".
Our former pastor used to question why Pharoah asked Moses to take away the plague of frogs tomorrow. Tomorrow? Why not now? today? No wonder the Israelites triumphed over the Egyptians. What sane person wouldn't want the frogs gone today. That is my prayer. Lord keep those jumpers away from my dwelling. Please. Now... if it is convenient.

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