Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mary, Queen of the Gypsies

This isn't a shrine, or a novena or a new name for Jesus mother. This isn't about
pampered EU royalty or a new pop music princess. This is about my dear friend Mary.
Mary is spending the summer as a servant-evangelist under the Christian ministry "Light for the Nations". She is living in a gypsy village in Szekelyhid, Romania among the people she loves teaching English to youngsters. Speaking English will give these young people a better future and employment.
She loves the people in the camp and they return the love. She says they treat her like a queen. If you knew Mary you would smile. She is unassuming and humble but lights up a room with her smile. Her red hair sets her apart and her taste for colorful clothes and jewelry gives her a regal flair. She is one of the most lovely people I know and we all look forward to her return in late September to hear more of her stories and see all the pictures.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, Mary. I think you are going to miss those loving people when you return home.
This is not her first trip to Romania but is her longest. I believe she has gone on eleven mission trips to eastern European countries. The picture on the blog is from a previous trip. Of course, Mary is the one in the torquoise coat holding the bright pink umbrella. The same wagon is her chariot this summer. Most of the time they walk and occasionally slog through the swamp for access to a computer.
Minnesota is going to seem dull after this experience.

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