Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stillwater Woman Wrestles with the WWE

I was left scratching my head after hearing an interview on "The Today Show" this morning. A reporter asked Vince McMahon who heads World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., if negative ads about his wife Linda, former WWE Ceo and now reppppublican candidate for senate from Connecticut, would damage their companies' "brand". We have sunk to new lows when professional wrestling may be concerned about an association with politics. Reminds me of jokes about the pig going into the bar and the pig being worried about his reputation.

Minnesota has once again been a trend setter. We elected a wrestler to the governor's office ten years ago. I don't think Linda McMahon was ever seen in a pink boa so she may be a less objectionable candidate than our former head of state.
It is primary election day in Minnesota and as a good citizen we should vote. I wonder if I could write in Hulk Hogan.

Jon has been coping pretty well with confinement due to his kneecap fracture. He scoots around the house, hopping between w/chair and bed or recliner. Much of his time is spent programming his new netbook computer. I (dutifully/ naggingingly) remind him to put is swollen leg up. He is supposed to wear an immobilizer on the knee but rejected it after two days. Today I quipped, "What if your knee heals but your leg is stuck at a 90 degree angle?" He answered, "Give me a break". Thought he already had one.

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