Friday, August 13, 2010

Are They Going to Get Mooned

I am gullible and believe too many of the circulating stories on the net. I check some stories with Snopes, but wonder why I trust Snopes. Reportedly Snopes verification is done by a husband and wife sitting at a computer somewhere in the US.
It enjoys a good reputation but who verifies them. My next level of trust is in Wikipedia. Do you realize anyone can edit a wiki? With that in mind, here is one of the latest rumors on the web. Snopes says it is a rumor.

On August 27th, there will be two moons in the nightsky. This is not the same as a "blue moon" when a full moon occurs twice in the same calendar month twenty-eight days apart. The two-moon show is predicted because Mars will preportedly be closer to the earth than it has in the last 5,000 yrs. Mars will appear as large and bright as the full moon.

Our son is getting married Aug. 28th. I don't believe in astrology or horoscopes or follow signs in the sky, but even Jesus had a star that shone when he was born.

Andy will be all eyes on Laura on August 27, the light of his life the night before the wedding. No predicted display in the sky will distract from her.

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