Saturday, January 17, 2009

They All Want to Come to the US

What should we do? We have a growing problem. I think early migration was tolerated. People were willing to look the other way. Some appreciated them. Some thought they should stay in their own country. Many people who weren't directly impacted thought others were being cruel. "Kind hearted people" fed them. They crossed our border in escalating numbers. There are no official head counts but estimates say there are three to four times as many here as there were a couple decades ago.
They hang together. Live together and cause problems with their overcrowding. Couldn't they cause disease to come into our country and threaten public health? There are people who would like to use their 2nd amendment rights to have a gun and use it. Now, some want to guard the borders, or use dogs to track them.
I admit there have been some problems. In my hometown there was pressure to discourage them from settling here. I am beginning to see both sides and the problems that can follow when too many come in. They have brought down a US Airline plane in New York. Canada Geese. What are we going to do about them?
I usually think of Canada as a nice place to live. This week we have their cold, frigid weather and I understand why those geese fly south. The USA is still a desirable destination in spite of the current economic problems.

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