Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vocabulary Word of the Day : Brontide

We fixate on weather reporting in our state. Because we have extremes of cold, snow and hot, steamy summers our attention is focused on weather. We don't need to listen or watch weathercasts if we have a computer but we do. My late father in-law amused us years ago by buying a VCR to tape the 10pm news and weather because he fell asleep watching it. Think about it. By the time he played the tape that weather system was happening.

It seems like it has rained half of the days this summer and we should be grateful. With all the precipitation and forecast precip you would think I would have already heard about brontide. As we had our early morning cup of coffee on the deck we noted dark clouds approaching and a low, rumbling thunder without lightning. I googled "thunder" to see if there was a name for the phenomonon and found brontide.

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