Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Thinker

Husband Jon has been busy scanning old negatives into the computer. Images long hidden are coming to life on his monitor. For years we felt guilty that we had taken so few snapshots of our only daughter. The older boys and our youngest are well represented in our photo albums. Mary's picture is found less often.
We were vindicated when Jon began scanning his old negatives. He had taken pictures of her on black and white film, probably developed the film himself and not many got printed. Our precious daughter's baby and toddler pictures are a joy to fine.

Today I snuck a peek to see what else he had found. Wasn't I happy to find one of myself (much younger me) sitting in an outhouse. Jon thinks it was posed and I seem to be fully clothed so I would agree.

I am sitting in an old wooden outhouse, probably at Joy Park on Silver Lake in North St, Paul. Rodan's sculpture of "The Thinker" comes to mind. I wasn't a great scholar or a contemplative person in my early 20's. Perhaps I was following Jon's directive to get the shot he wanted. I hope so.

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