Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lose Weight With This Amazing Exercise

I am in a friendly competition with husband Jon to see who can get more hits on their blog. Being a low tech person, I was surprised when daughter Mary showed me how to check the "stats" on blog hits. I had no idea. I began blogging in 2006 and by Oct. 2010 thought this was an exercise in narcissism. I was out of ideas. I don't lead that interesting a life. There are millions of bloggers in the world. Most are read by their moms. My mom is dead. Who cared if I blogged? Narcissism.
I started again when I realized I was becoming annoying on Facebook. Too many comments. I have a need to talk. Even if it is electronic chatter.
Jon and I looked at our stats. I had one entry that has over 2500 hits. His top number was 6. He only had a couple dozen entries. I have a lot more over four years. You can't tell who clicked on the blog, but you can tell country of origin. I have Russians, Latvians, Japanese. Some of them are computers who send me comments in languages and characters I don't understand except for the word Viagra.
Mentioning the blue pill will probably generate more. Thank God for Spam blockers.
Most hits are probably random by clicking on "next blog" or word search by Google.
As I write, Jon is blogging about Justin Beiber. He might win today if nine year old girls search that name. I think there are a lot of repentant overweight people out there who will be drawn to my title.
This is narcissistic, isn't it. Good luck Jon.


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maryb said...

Jane, I am you do have so many thoughts and ideas...
I am impressed...see I just don't have enough words or adjectives to work with. .....