Monday, January 3, 2011

Drawing a Line in the Driveway

When the snow season began, I called the circulation department of a local paper asking them not to have their carrier drop a copy at the end of my driveway each week. Since we already receive a copy via US mail, we don't need two. Nicely, I expressed my appreciation for this free circular which is mostly ads but also lists local events and news. These papers are often covered by snow. It can snow a little every day in January. I ran over one with a snowblower a previous year. Not good. They get frozen in the melting snow and ice. I don't need two. Does anyone appreciate the drop at the end of their driveways in the winter? These are the reasons I gave when I called. Please stop.
Next week I had another paper generating another call. With duplicate papers in front of me, I called the circulation department. Bet they love me. She claimed to have told the carrier and would follow up. Next week I still got my drop. I called again. Still politely, I asked if they remembered me and my request. Yup. He is one of my best carriers, she answered. High praise, I thought.
The following week I didn't get my driveway copy of The St. Croix Valley Press. Yeah. We are making progress. As we backed out of the driveway Sunday to go to church, my heart sank. At the end of the driveway in a thin orange plastic wrapper was a paper. When we drove through the neighborhood I noted none of our neighbors had one. Great, I thought. I have put a bullseye on our house for a vindictive paperguy. Show the crabby lady who is boss.
This blog was my revenge. I actually walked out to the end of the driveway in robe and slippers at 4:00am to retreive the paper... in the cold, and it is a good thing I did before making another call to the circulation department of the St. Croix Valley Press. The paper in the driveway was the weekend (free) edition of the Stillwater Gazette. Another day. Another battle. It's hell to be retired.


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