Friday, January 21, 2011

Hanging Out With Oprah in Australia

I admit it. I like Oprah. I tune in from time to time. I don't subscribe to all of her philosophy or bent toward new agey spirituality, but she is likeable. People identify with her honesty and she genuinely seems to care about people. I disagree with her on some of her social positions.

This week Oprah is airing the shows taped in Australia before Christmas. Australia is fascinating. The land down under. Population living mostly on the coast. Strange animals.
Beautiful buildings. Penal colony for the Brits when it was colonized. Aboriginal people who still live in the outback. Crocodile Dundee and dingos. Breathtaking natural beauty and that Great Barrier Reef.

Yesterday Oprah and her entourage were shown climbing to the top of that famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. She made headlines by bringing everyone in one of her TV audiences with her on the trip. If I had been in that audience, I might have been the only one who didn't want to climb the bridge. It is higher than the Golden Gate or the Mackinaw bridge. I have seen those structures and don't think I would climb them. Not only are they high, chances are it is windy up there.

If one manages to reach the summit, you must then turn around and go down. I don't like down either. I also don't like diving in reefs or hunting for crocodiles in the wild. I do like vicarious adventures and will tune in today to see what else I can "experience".

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