Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rule 17 and the Wearing of the Green (and gold)

Today's email brought this: A list of 45 Lessons for Life, attributed to 90 yr. old Regina Brett of Cleveland. I have seen it before but read it again. Sage advice. Smell the roses type of advice.
Rule 17 caught my eye. "Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful, or joyful" it says.
I am not yet 90, but respect the wisdom of age. It got me thinking. Take stock.

I will keep my husband who is useful, beautiful and joyful. I will not make a big life change, travel, write and book and be on Oprah.

When I pondered the Vikings and the deflated Metrodome (AKA Hubert H. Humphreydome at Mall of America Field) I wasn't so sure that package was useful, beautiful, or joyful. They break our hearts year after year. Allegiance to a bunch of well paid athletes gathered from around the country to wear purple? Allegiance to a billionaire owner? Love lost on that Pillsbury Doughboy building?

Don't tell my sons, but I am considering becoming a Packer fan. I would have to watch the games at a border bar in Wisconsin. We will see. I was glad to see them win big last night.
Go Pack.

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