Friday, January 7, 2011

Minnesota, Hothouse For the Political Candidate

Speculation was stirred recently when Michele Bachmann indicated she had left every option on
the table regarding a run for president. She is going to travel for a couple of months, no doubt testing the waters.

Michele is our Congresswoman. She won a hot contest for re-election last fall. It was the most expensive, well-financed bid for congress in the country. Both parties watched and out of state people sent money.

Bachmann stepped up to the plate to lead the Tea Party Caucus which previous to her volunteering, did not seem to have one leader.

Like Sarah Palin, the camera and media buzz around her. Like Palin, she is a fierce warrior...not intimidated and sure of what she supports. Like Palin she is not afraid to "go rogue" which delights her supporters and infuriates her detractors. She has said a few things that made even people who like her cringe. When Pres. Bush gave one of his state of the union speeches a few years back, there was our Congresswoman pushing to grab him and give him an on camera kiss.
I cringed that time. I cringed when she talked about not filling out the census forms and defended BP as the Gulf well was gushing. Oh, well.

Now I am wondering about how a possible Bachmann for President move would affect others.
Do you think Minnesota's former Governor, Tim Pawlenty, cheered? Two candidates from Minnesota might be a bit much. Guess which one has better name recognition.

Did Sarah Palin feel threatened? They would split the vote, wouldn't they?

Is Barach Obama worried about running against someone who only has four years of national
legislative experience? Maybe he should be. He had four years of national experience and won.

How about John Boehner? Do you think he cried? Were they tears of joy or anguish?
It was reported poor John Boehner teared up three times the day he was sworn in as speaker.
He had already asssigned Michele Bachmann to the Intelligence Committee, a job whose proceedings she is obligated to keep secret. I wonder if that was intentional on his part. He did not grant her request for a position of power in the party. Maybe Michele cried that day instead of John Boehner. Maybe not. We will have to watch and see. Don't count her out.


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