Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

How are you planning to spend your "earth hour" today? We used to have a whole day, didn't we? Now you must plan carefully and spend your time wisely.

It probably isn't appropriate to spend my "earth hour" on-line blogging, so I had better hurry.

I did clean and fill the bird feeder this morning. Any points for that?

I think the idea was for everyone to unplug electrical things for an hour. Turn off the lights and save the earth. What? Maybe because lights also generate heat we can stop global warming. This is about global warming.

If we coordinated that effort what effect would that have? Wouldn't the synchronized effort cause the whole world to reconnect to the grid at the same time after the "earth hour" and cause a great surge in demand for electricity? Blackouts could occur. Be careful fellow earth dwellers. Maybe we should all spend our "earth hour" sleeping late. Maybe I will just take a nap.

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