Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whether You Like It or Not

Weather. You like it or not. We just had an excellent week of warm, sunny spring weather with above average temperatures. That turned into a normal spring week with clouds and almost daily rain that will cap off this weekend with snow. Welcome to Minnesota.
We have nothing to complain about. Many states are dealing with long droughts.

There was a blizzard yesterday in South Dakota with 70 mpr winds and heavy snow.
Downpours measured in inches in the Red River valley are causing the rivers to rise. Twelve years ago the Fargo/ Moorhead area had the flood of the century with widespread destruction. This year's flood is predicted to be more devastating. I guess the '97 flood was the flood of the last century.

Volanic Mount Redoubt in Alaska blew its' top yesterday. Maybe we should leave some of that money in the budget to monitor volcanos. (Why is that mountain named "Redoubt"?)

In spite of having fairly normal spring weather in the metro area, we continue to focus much of the newshour to reporting the weather and we haven't even had a tornado yet. I guess that takes our minds off our senatorial election recount and the feds spending one trillion $$$$$$$$$ on toxic assets yesterday.

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