Monday, March 30, 2009

Setting My Clock to Lifetime Savings Time

A quick look at my email this morning and resolve to change my ways. My husband forwarded a site called "The Death Clock". Who wouldn't want to open that on a Monday morning. You fill in a few blanks with personal information and the site calculates your probably date of death. I did. Then a screen came up saying my time had expired. I thought I had taken too much time calculating my BMI and day of the week I was born. No. My date of expected death was February 22, 2001. Cheerful way to start the week. What had I done? I am a non-smoker and not that fat. I did it again and instead of putting pessimistic ,I entered optimistic. Now I was given several more decades to live. You can expect my demise on July 1, 2047. I know I tend to see the dark side of things vs. my husbands more positive spin. I think I will cheer up AND quit watching the news. I could also watch the You tube video my sister sent this morning. Laughter is good for the soul and probably the body too. Have a nice day.

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