Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to the 60s ?

With the highest of intentions, the USA has spent a lot of money and blood to bring democracy to Iraq. Many had teary eyes (me included) watching the statues of the demi-god Sadam Hussein fall. We were helping to bring freedom to the people of Iraq. Freedom to chose their own governance. We did topple a represive regime. The people did vote. They chose the side that wants oppressive sharia law. What we didn't count on were the deep divisions in their society. Perhaps the heavy handed Sadam kept that in check. He kept order like Mussolini and Hitler kept order. With force.
After the people of Iraq voted ,civil disorder followed. There are two strong religious factions in that country. From across the sea we could see they needed to compromise if they were to succeed. You cannot have a peaceful life without reason and diplomacy.
I lived through the strifeful 60s. There was strong protest to government policy and people wanted change. They wanted to have their voices heard. Critics of the Viet Nam war rallied and sometimes became violent. Those who disagreed took the mantra, "Love it or leave it". That meant accept America as it is or leave it. Stop protesting. I wonder if the same people who spoke "Love it or leave it" would be upset if someone said that to them now. Eventually things changed and we enjoyed a period of civility. If we don't respect each other now and work together we aren't much different than the Sunni and Sharia factions. Otherwise we are headed for another decade like the late 60s.

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