Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yesterday was D-Day, aka demolition day in our bathroom renovation project. Thankfully, someone else did the heavy labor. The few minor chores Jon and I did left us tired. Our 60 something knees do not like being involved in physical labor. Today when Jeff (the tiler) came, he said he laid 90 yards of sod yesterday after leaving our job. Jeff went to school with our middle kids. At 37 or 38 he holds up better than we do.

Last evening I ran to the local home store and got three samples of paint and applied them. When I looked at paint "chips",it is hard for me to imagine how the whole room will look. I need see it on a a bigger area. My least favorite chip is the color we like. Wish I could get someone to come out and try another 10 or 20 shades before making my color selection. I want to paint before the wall cabinets go in so that ain't gonna happen.

Picture is of the cabinet style we chose. The top will be a lighter colored granite. The floor is Roman stone porcelain tile. We are anxious to see if finished. Last night as I was quickly painting sample colors on the walls, I said, "We made one mistake." Jon answered, " Yes, starting this." I meant I should have been painting sample colors earlier and selected a color scheme. Then I could have painted the whole room last night when it was empty. Live and learn. It will be nice when it is finished.

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