Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doggone It, You Can't Be Sirius

We’ve got “Blue Dogs” (fiscally conservative Democrats) weighing in on the current healthcare bill, hot dogs and coney dogs at the State Fair, and Clifford the Big Red Dog on children’s bookshelves. There is a repentant ex-con NFL quarterback who did time for dog fighting and pretty soon Randy on American Idol will return with his “dawgs”. It seems we have gone to the dogs.

Take heart. Dog days are over. My source says the term “Dog days of summer” ended August 24th. The phrase comes from the timing of the Dog Star Sirius. It commonly refers to the hottest days of the summer.

Dog days brings back memories of August summers when I was a kid and you couldn’t swim in area lakes due to the algae bloom. Lakes and ponds looked green and unappealing. Hot humid days wore us down. Few had air conditioning and the cooler days of fall were eagerly anticipated. If you were tired of the season, you just waited. Things would change.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our 7 trillion $$ debt would just fade away too.

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