Monday, August 17, 2009

Bing- Oh

They are advertising Microsoft's new search engine "Bing" as a better alternative to the popular Google. I was curious and not too familiar with finding search engines, so I "Googled" to find it. That struck me as funny. Kind of like asking your boyfriend for his roommates phone number. The only search engine I use is Google. Jon has a list of search engines on his computer but I am not sure he uses them anymore. Things have progressed. I remember when he got his first computer (laptop from work) in the early 90's. The WWW was either in it's infancy or didn't exist. To navigate to an outside site he had to go through the Gopher connection set up by the U of MN. We had a dial up connection and everything moved as slow as much computer does on a bad day. I continue to hang on to this tempermental, virus infected, beast while my birthday gift laptop sits on Jon's desk. Plans are hopefully to wean myself from this desktop to the new one soon. After a peak at Bing I am not sure I want to wean myself from Google yet.

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