Friday, August 28, 2009

For the Rest of Us It Will Be Rest in Peace

After dinner last evening, my husband announced he might lie in repose for a while. I guess he was tired. We had been in the car and listened to numerous reports about Sen. Ted Kennedy. Every reporter said that he was "Lying in repose" at JFK's Library. I had to check the dictionary and wikipedia about "lying in repose". I guess I can always learn something. If he had been in the Capitol in Washington or in the State House in Boston, he would have been "Lying in State". This phrase is used for politicians. Anyone else famous would have been "Lying in honor". Lying in repose indicated his position and location of the reviewal.
Poor Michael Jackson got a lot of attention from grieving fans after he died, but the crazy press coverage left you feeling sorry for this tragic figure. Was his body even in the golden casket or were they playing a shell game with him? Rumors said they had lost his prosthetic nose. That's not something easily replaced. Family disagreed about where to bury him.
For those of us less famous, the term resting in peace will be used. Some actually will be at peace. Some won't.
Years ago Jon said the words spoken at Catholic funerals, "Rest in peace and may eternal light shine upon you" didn't sound good to him. If he was to rest in peace he would occasionally like someone to turn off the lights.

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