Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weather You Like It Or Not

We are almost officially out of our drought. August's 6 inches of rainfall caught us up. There aren't many years all the lawns look this lush and green this time of year. We had a gullywasher last night that knocked out power in part of the metro. My daughter said she was late for work when her alarm didn't ring. No electricity. At least we weren't swept off a rocky coastline by rogue waves like those poor people in Maine.
With our eyes off precipitation we can get back to thinking about our seasons. The Minnesota State Fair starts tomorrow. It ends on Labor Day and that is the unofficial end of summer. The calendar lags by a few weeks declaring summer's demise the third week of September but real Minnesotans know when the state fair starts we are on the downward slope.
For kids anticipating the beginning of school ,feelings may be mixed. Most kids are bored by now after the long hiatus. Some are anxious to see friends and get back in the routine. When I was a kid I remember enjoying organizing my new school supplies. All the new crayons had sharp points and none were broken. Pencils had no bite marks and erasers no ink marks. We wrote our names on the Big Chief nickel tablet of paper. Calculators hadn't been invented and so our parents weren't expected to shell out $120. for a TI scientific graphing calculator. We had book bags not backpacks. You might have a little change to purchase 2 cent milk at recess.
Now I am retired and news the state fair is starting just brings back the reality of snow and ice on its' way in a few months. Even though we don't have to drive anywhere.... no job anyway, we still are one of the first on our block to get it cleared. That is another blog... weather we like it or not.

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