Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gone to Pot

I got an email attachment recently with a list of things to prevent the H1N1 flu. One of the recommendations was to use the Neti pot. Do you know what that it? It is a device for nasal irrigation. People who are trying to clear up infections or decrease virus or bacteria counts use them. The package on the above picture says to use it for daily nasal hygiene.
It looks like self-inflicted water boarding.
Some people swear by the Neti Pot. I have a phobia about drowning and will chose to suffer the flu or get the immunization if it is ever available. No pouring water up my nose for me. I have had two near drowning experiences in my life and cringe at the idea of this treatment. Even if I could tolerate it, I would put using it in the same category as being obsessed with colon cleansing. Noses are supposed to have mucus and colons.. well, you know.
Former VP Dick Cheney is writing his memoirs. Maybe he could defend his involvment with water boarding by claiming it was a public health measure.

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