Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Daze

View from our deck this morning was light snow cover. We haven't finished with our fall chores. This snow better melt. I raked a little yesterday but most of leaves haven't fallen. With the freeze last night three ash trees in the front have dropped green leaves. The leaves freeze and when the morning sun hits them there is a shower of leaves. I am debating whether or not to rake.

Our arborist / tree guys came yesterday to take down the storm damaged tree in the corner of backyard. The tree split at the fork and one big branch was leaning across the neighbor's yard. It was a dangerous tree to remove because it sits up near the neighbors fences. I prayed and held my breath when they felded the trunk. I looked like it would hit the garage. They gauged it accurately and it landed in the yard. That is an occupation not for sissies like me. Wouldn't want to climb trees and cut them down.

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