Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pride Cometh Before the Winter

There was hyped interest in last night's Vikings vs. Packers game. We have their recycled ex quarterback after he got refired and re-employed. Packer fans run the gamut from continuing to like Favre but disappointed he plays for the purple and gold to burning their #4 Favre jerseys.
Favre, who turns 40 today, still can toss that ball. He looked awesome and the Vikings looked reinvigorated.
We are wary fans in this state. We have had our hopes dashed too often. Those my age remember those 70's years when they went to the super bowl four times and lost four times.
After last nights' triumph it still might be wise for Vikes fans to show a little humility. Chances are Favre's replacedment, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, will still be playing for Green Bay in two or three years. Chances are Brett the Viking won't. We have yet to see if he will still be awesome by winter which seems to be arriving early.
Snow if predicted this week. Snow. We went from cool summer to above average September temps and skipped right over fall. Most of the leaves are still green. Could we really get buried in snow and have the leaves fall on top of that? It seems impossible but so did getting Brett Favre as our quarterback. Prepare to be surprised.

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