Saturday, October 31, 2009

Musings of an Uninspired Blogger

Yes, it is snowing again this morning. Those in southern climes can gloat. We must have had ten or more days it snowed in October this year. No "Indian summer" for us. Frazzled Minnesotans continue to shake trees to get those leaves down so we can rake before we are buried in white stuff. Global warming would prevent an accumulation of snow. The ground would stay warm. We could cope with a little snow as long as it didn't burying the fall crop of leaves.

Well intentioned dental groups are offering a buy-back of excessive Halloween candy. They pay 1$ / # for their young patients candy. Then the groups donates the candy to charity. One of the recipients (of the candy) is the food shelf. Go figure. Give the candy to the kids who can't afford dental care.

Don't drive drunk. We all assume this means don't drive a car drunk or an airplane either. Minnesota, where nothing is legal, there is a case of an man who tried to drive his Lazy-Boy recliner home from a bar while inebriated. He got fined, arrested and the chair was confiscated. The police are selling the motorized Lazy-Boy on eBay. Who knew you couldn't drive tipsy in a recliner?

WHile Bernie Madoff had the nations attention, Minnesota had two supposed entrepreniers scamming investors. Two who defrauded millions and billions while living the high life.
The trial of Tom Petters started this week. His lawyers admit his business was running a Ponzi scheme, but blame it on his employees. He was too busy doing charitable work to notice. The second guy, Denny Hecker, is having his holding auctioned to pay debtors. His lawyer wants half a million a month allowance for his client's living expenses. Nice try.
If they are found guilty I hope they are sentenced to serve in the main stream prisons. No cushy white collar jail please. Don't even house them with the sex offenders. Last week our governor was livid when he discovered that a state prison for sex offenders had purchased fifteen 50"flatscreen TVs for inmates use. He had the sets removed and installed in veterans homes or other worthy places. Hopefully they can get these guys to see the big picture another way. We have to try to reform them since we can't give them the "chair" in Minnesota.


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