Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing Nice While Hooping It Up At the White House

The Democrat party has been the champion of political correctness. Feminists are not all Democrats but the more socially conservative Republican platforms of recent years have not been wildly appealing to the most left leaning women. I don't mean to offend anyone, but that is how I perceive things.
Imagine my amusement when President Obama was accused of not playing fair. He has a history of a 100% approval rating voting for liberal causes when he was a senator. Last week he was called to task for not inviting congresswomen to play basketball at the White House. They portended that not inviting women limited their ability to network with the boys. His reply, "That's bunk". He says he only invited an existing "team" who wanted to play at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
I was proud of him.
If Washington's political women have "Hoop dreams" they can always hula hoop with Michelle on the White House lawn. You have to play nice, girls.
Oh, oh, I probably P.O. 'd someone for calling them girls.
Nancy probably reacted to the president's answer with a frown. On second thought, I doubt it. Can't frown. Can't smile. Can't move that face.
Keep up the good work inspiring girls and women to exercise, Michelle. Pelosi and the gang may not like what you are doing, but I think Phyllis Schafly would have.
Is that really the White House back lawn in the picture?

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