Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Who Contracted Swine Flu May Have Been Killed

Three pigs. Three pigs who didn't live in brick houses and may now have been been sent to the slaughterhouse. These three pigs may have contracted "swine flu" from the teenage 4Hrs who got sick at our state fair inn August. The pigs got the swine flu from the kids. They deduced this from results of swabbing pig snouts at the fair. No pigs complained of symptoms at the time. None went to the fair nurse. There may have been a few wet noses but no one noticed pigs sneezing or coughing. We were reassured that there was no danger visiting the animal exhibits at the fair.

Note when this news was released---yesterday. It is important not to scare people away from attending the state fair or eating pork. Don't those tests come back sooner than that ? The kids tests came back faster. These same people are still reassuring us that it is safe to eat pork. Not to worry and I don't. The flu virus doesn't migrate to the muscle / meat. We cook pork thoroughly. The virus stays in the pigs' lungs. This may not be reassuring to the Chinese who might have cooked some of those lungs in their "hot pots". Ask my son Andy and nephew Peter who were probably served lung while on China visits.

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