Friday, October 16, 2009

What Does That Birth Certificate Say? -or- Salsa Dancing With the Stars

They are called the "birthers" and they ardently believe that the president is not qualified to have been elected president because he was born in Kenya. Other GOP voices disavow this , claiming there are other things to worry about like how are we ever going to pay back the gazillions we are spending.

While I did accept as fact that Barach was born in Hawaii in the past, I am now having second thoughts. New evidence has been shown that raises questions. Did you see the video of him dancing with the "hot" Latina singer at the White House concert?
He may be a Mexican. Since many Mexicans sneak across the border to give birth in the USA he might even have a valid birth certificate.
Being Hispanic would explain a lot. It makes more sense than his being a closet Black Muslim. It would explain why his wife and girls don't wear burqas and why he drinks beer in the Rose Garden. (Muslims don't drink alcohol.) It would explain why he has visited many other nations but not China. China has been known to quarantine Mexicans to stop the spread of Swine Flu.

Hispanics are rapidly approaching majority status. They may have voted him in. They probably like the Salsa dancing. Barach Obama may be in good standing with the Hispanic population after the dance but some aren't so sure how Michelle felt. Was that a cold shoulder? At least he didn't pat Thalia on the backside like Bill (the ex- president ) might have done.

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