Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog Is My Space To Get The Buzz Without Face (to Face) Contact but I'm Not in a Twitter About That

Saw online headline about the newer Buzz replacing Facewook and Twitter. I don't tweet but have a Facebook page which I still don't understand. I started slowly on Facebook by answering one friend's request to be a friend. It didn't seem friendly to refuse and I wanted to see her grandkids pictures, so I muddled along. I don't check it everyday. Recently when I opened my site things had changed. I am lost again.
I email and blog regularly. The result is I don't phone people as often. I don't know if that is a good thing. My mom has been dead 16 years but I still have a few of her letters and she seems alive when I read them. I don't have much faith that our electronic communications will be retrievable in a few more decades. Our words may go the way of cursive writing and phones with cords.
If they ever produce a remake of "ET", would he text home?

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