Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell to Charles Stenvig

There is a short obituary in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning. Charles Stenvig, 82, dies in Phoenix, AZ. on February 22. Odd coincidence. We were in Phoenix on Feb 22. I can't let him pass without a tribute.
Charlie Stenvig was a colorful three term mayor of Minneapolis. In 1969, the year we moved into our first home near Lake Nokomis, we cringed when there was a murder on the north side of Nokomis. We thought we were buying in a safe, peaceful neighborhood. Charles Stenvig who was a Minneapolis cop also lived in our neighborhood and he was tired of murder and mayhem. He filed for office as an Independent and defeated the DFL and Republican candidates on a Law & Order platform.
If you don't realize how difficult that was, consider he is the last mayor of Minneapolis who isn't DFL. (DFL is unique to Minnesota: It is Democrat/ Farmer/ Labor or basically Democrat.)
The Stenvigs lived less than a mile from our house and the kids went to St. Kevins school with our kids. We saw them at kids games. I believe Todd was a friend of my nephew Peter.
Our Charlie had three terms as mayor and helped clean up the streets in Minneapolis. He was fiscally conservative and opposed building the new domed stadium. Charlie, I think we need your now. That inflatable heap they built against your advice is to be abandoned and they want a bigger, flashier stadium even if we can't afford it. Minneapolis is again in the news for murder and gansters.
Is there another independent out there who can step forward and fill those shoes?

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