Monday, February 1, 2010

Might Be Time To Unite Behind This Man

I am reading a book about early patriots who were the signers of the Declaration of Independence, "Signing Their Lives Away" by Denise Kiernan & Joseph D'Agnese. There were fifty-seven men who risked fortunes and their lives to stand up for what they believed. These were colonial leaders who made compromises to come to agreement. The thirteen colonies had different views on some issues. They came to a decision to be independent but needed to work through many conflicting opinions to become one in purpose. Maybe that all worked out because they had Samuel Adams and his beer.

I wonder if we could do what those 1776'ers did. We are a country deeply divided politically. One thing we do have in common,and we could start there, is much dissatisfaction with the present situation. Pundits now suggest we are ripe for a strong third party candidate, "like Perot".
I think we already have a growing third party. Look at the Tea Party rallies. Now,I wonder if even the Tea Party constituents are divided. This past weekend our Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, was to be a speaker at a Tennessee convention. She was encouraged to withdraw because some people thought this group had issues. Sarah Pallin was also scheduled for an appearance.

While the Tea Party looks to be a viable third party, there may be divisions there.
Some Tea Partiers are Libertarians, some social and fiscal conservatives who are not enamored with Senator Brown from MA. Hmmm. Could this Tea Party have factions? Will we see a Green Tea Party, A White Tea Party or a Black Tea Party?
Or could it all be worked out like the early patriots and pick positions we could all live with. Maybe Ice T could be the third party candidate. I am not sure his wife Coco would pass muster as first lady though. Google her picture.

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