Saturday, February 6, 2010

Washington DC May Need These During the Storm

All my blogs are weather related. Here is another.
There is a cadre of hearty bikers in Minnesota. I don't mean the Harley guys/gals, I mean the people who use bicycles instead of cars. We have lots of people who use bikes recreationally and a growing number who take bikes to work etc. They have had to rearrange traffic in downtown areas to leave bike lanes. Some motorists are annoyed by this road sharing. The lanes are close to the curb leaving cars to park
six feet away from curbs on certain streets. Added to this is an extensive network of green zone bike paths connecting the city neighborhoods. My husband had a young coworker who rode 15 miles to work.
We have had snow, ice, slushy roads much of the winter. I heard the bikers switch to snow tires during this season. Who knew. Snow tires. There are even studded snow tires.

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