Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Ties

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish. One can get caught up in the wearing of the green and the drinking of the beer and eating corned beef and cabbage even if that isn't very Irish. A tiny part of my DNA is Irish...1/16th.

Tonight we watched the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics and I felt an affinity with the Canadians. I was proud of their success in showcasing their heritage to the world. Then an aha moment. I am also a little bit Canadian. My mom's family emigrated from France to Quebec and lived there two hundred years before coming to America. That is longer than the family has been in the USA.
Heh, I will celebrate my Canadian heritage with pride during the olympics.

We are close neighbors. Minnesota borders Canada and we can drive up to the border in about 4 and a half hours from our town. We went to Thunder Bay on our honeymoon.

About ten years ago our daughter Mary and I did a mother/daughter trip to Seattle and drove into British Columbia. We spent time in Vancouver, drove up the coast to Whistler and ferried out to Victoria. The scenery is spectacular. Watching the area showcased now on tv makes me want to go back, eh.

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