Friday, February 5, 2010

You Drink the Ting or Rub it on your Face?

Pennsylvania has Punxsutawny Phil who occasionally predicts a short winter. In Minnesota our groundhogs are burrowed beneath a layer of snow and crusty ice. If we had a Minnesota Max, he probably couldn't even get out of his hole. If he did come out and see his shadow and predict six more weeks of winter, we would be delighted. We know it is going to last a lot longer than that.
We spent Groundhog Day booking a trip to Arizona. We'll meet old friends from New Hampshire and spend some time thawing. Parts of Arizona in high country are cold and snowy and I keep steering my husband to the valleys. We have rooms booked at a nice resort hotel in Scottsdale to start.
Jon has been friends with Dave since they were youngsters. They ran away from home together when they were in junior high. They went for the adventure, not because they were disgruntled at home. Thoughtful kids, they had a friend who delivered newspaper put their notes to their parents in the afternoon paper. Dave told his folks "..not to worry, I have enough Ting". Ting was pimple cream.
I googled Ting to see if it is still made and couldn't find it. I did find a Dr. Ting who is a dermatologist and a lot of Chinese remedies for acne.
Ting: a fifties pimple cream, a dermatologist, or the national Jamaican soft drink.
Jamaica, where you eat the patty and you drink the Ting. Nice memories of a warm place on a snowy, gloomy day.

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