Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arizona Highways

My blog has been resting while we were on vacation in Arizona. We decided we could live without a laptop. Time to catch up.
We flew into Phoenix where old friends from New Hampshire met us. They were escaping too. The first couple days and the last day were in the mid 70's and sunny. The rest of the time was cooler than usual and we had several days of rain. The rain prompted the caucti to begin blooming and the dessert shrubs to green up. Lovely sight. Some of the dry rivers began to fill. Arizonians, who live in an arid land, were happy.

After lounging poolside restoring our Vitamin D levels a couple days, we took a roadtrip around the state. First adventure was driving on small highways to Prescott and up and over the mountains on switchback roads. The view changes quickly.
Snow covered evergreens at 6000 ft were pretty but snow wasn't what we wanted to see.
We found the little former gold & silver, and copper mining town of Jerome clinging to the side of the mountain as we came down. We ate lunch at a place called The Assylum, a former mental hospital. The town is now known more for selling art and jewelry to tourists, but a picturesque place.

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