Thursday, March 18, 2010

He Was a Good Cat - Tribute to Sammy

Goodbye Sammy. You will be missed. Sam was the black cat our daughter Mary rescued from the shelter ten years ago. She was single and he filled a spot in her house and her life. Sammy was the cat that made me like cats. He never hissed or scratched. When you came to the door he came with a greeting. I swear that cat said "Hello". At least it sounded like hello to my ears.
Sammy was company for Mary. He loved to stretch out on her lap and be stroked. When she met and married Mike, Sammy had to make room in his heart for Mike too. He did. Mike loves animals and took to Sammy as well. Sammy had to adjust to a blended family as Mike brought his two Persians to the family. Mr. Sam remained top cat but they all got along. He was playful and would chase those fluffy tailed cats into hiding at times.
Sam had to adjust again when the twins were born. With the focus on caring for premie babies he had to cope with a little less attention for a while. As the kids grew they noticed him and although coached to "Be gentle", he had to scamper occasionally from their grasp. Though it all he remained gentle.
This week Sammy got sick. He had been losing weight and was old and the decision was made to put him to sleep. RIP Sammy.
My sister once said she saw a tombstone with the inscription, "She was a good woman", and thought it a wonderful thing to be said about you after you were gone.
That is what can be said about Sammy. He was a good cat.

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