Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rock of Ages

I have seen the You tube snippets of the senior citizen group rocking out. You probably have too. This week my friend Mary, loaned me a copy of their DVD. Now I want to move to New Hampton, MA for my final years and join this lively bunch.

"Young At Heart", is the story of this spirited group. Lead by a charismatic younger guy who looks 50 something, these octogenarians who love life, have a playlist out of their usual comfort range of songs. Imagine your grandma singing punk, or Jimmie Hendrix or James Brown hits. It all works. Thier sense of fun and the comraderie of the group blesses the listener and probably adds years to their lives and life to their years. Good stuff.

Amazon has the DVD for less than $10 or you can Google several sites on You Tube.