Friday, March 5, 2010

Cross This Off the List of Sights Seen Once

I don't have a "bucket list", but if I did, the Grand Canyon would be on it. Neither of us had seen the Grand Canyon before our recent trip. We enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the view even if we didn't enjoy the breathtaking cold windy weather. It felt like Minnesota. Our exposure was limited; we didn't hike to the bottom or raft the Colorado. Thirty years ago that might have been fun, not now. I was content seeing the awesome majesty of the canyon from the South Rim.

We saw what tourist see in Arizona: the canyon, the red-rock splendor of Sedona, the mountain switchbacks and snowy peaks, lots of saguero cacti and cactus beginning their spring bloom. We took in Tombstone and toured a Titan missile silo. For good measure we went to see the London Bridge at Lake Havasu. Locals think it is overrated and the #2 Arizona attraction is geared to amuse tourists. It is a functioning bridge and much smaller than I expected.

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