Friday, March 26, 2010

It's The End of The World As We Know It..(and I feel fine).

We used to read stories about young blond, blue-eyed runaways from Minnesota ending up on the streets of New York. There was a "Minnesota Connection". Today we are tied to the Big Apple with a different weird, wild coincidence; coverage of New York's finest capturing a wild coyote in Manhattan. Don't they belong out west?
This morning's paper has a similar story of the capture of a wild coyote who moved into someone's garage in this fair city of Stillwater, MN. First we have a cougar this winter and we are getting used to the occasional bear siting in town, but coyotes?
We can't even escape the wild upper midwest by going to New York City. We can't go east at all until they reopen our bridge which is closed due to flooding. Maybe we do all need guns.

No wonder our hockey team is called the Minnesota Wild.

from St.Paul Pioneer Press: "Stillwater / Coyote found camping out in garage
Pioneer Press

Updated: 03/25/2010 11:32:38 PM CDT

A coyote is put into a dog kennel by Stillwater police for transport to a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wildlife area in Oak Park Heights. (Courtesy to Pioneer Press: Stillwater Police Department)A wayward coyote that wandered into a garage in Stillwater has found a new home on land owned by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Stillwater police received a call Saturday about a coyote in a garage in the 1300 block of South Third Street.

Sgt. Jeff Magler and officer Chris Crayne used dog poles with nooses on the ends to capture the coyote. They also used the homeowner's dog kennel and borrowed a neighbor's truck to transport the coyote to a DNR wildlife area near the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Oak Park Heights, Magler said.

"It's very rare that a coyote would be found in somebody's garage," Magler said. "It appeared to have been living in there for a couple of days. I totally expected to find a possum or a raccoon — not a coyote."

Magler joked that he and Crayne plan to tackle a bear next."

— Mary Divine

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Anonymous said...

I was blog hopping and came upon yours. I stopped to read about the coyote. I saw the story on television recently. How awesome! I enjoyed reading your blog.