Friday, March 12, 2010

People I Don't Want to be Facebook Friends

We all get spammed. I have a couple programs that block pop-ups. No phishing allowed. No spam allowed. But there are ways around every program. Everyday I am getting several offers for Cialis or the equivalent. They are titled with a person's name such as, "Julia Stevens has news for you about Viagra". All the names are different and I don't know anyone by that name so far. I don't open this mail and I don't ask if they want to be my new Facebook friends. I'm thinking I picked up these new friends by searching for online Canadian pharmacies to get a better price on a new expensive prescription for myself. I can continue to delete the unwanted mail but will cross my fingers someone somewhere isn't getting a similar email with my name on it asking them telling them "MY NAME has news for you about Viagra".

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